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so I’m deciding to cut my hair and I keep thinking of this
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Algunas personas son felices haciendo felices a otras
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Tumblr Themes "Nunca dejes pasar una oportunidad que te haga feliz a ti, solo porque a los demás no les guste".

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Have we forgotten flying Paul McCartney


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Tumblr Themes my feelings on paul mccartney

little kid paul:  ommg can i pinch ur cheeks
teenage paul:  aw look at you with ur lil teddy boy hair cut and chubby cheeks ashda;
young adult paul:  oh wow puberty was gr9 2u 100/10 a+
daddy paul:  um should i be attracted to a man with a mullet
middle age paul:  those wrinkles with a bit of gray in the hair? yep u could get it
old paul:  why are u so hot and adorable at the same time i hate everything byE
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There are stories about John I would never tell, unless both Cynthia and Yoko were dead.
-Paul McCartney (via mclennonbook)

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